Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hearts and Hanjds For Sendai

The project for Hideko Ishida, a friend in Sendai, Japan, is now complete.  I have confirmation that the 20 quilts made from blocks contributed by friends all around the world, have arrived safe and sound to Hideko.  A dontaion has also been made to Hideko for use in a charity of her choosing in the amount of $1500.00 after expenses.  Thanks go out to all who have contributed.  I am looking forward to hearing about their showing in the Tagawa Internation Quilt Festival!  It is my hope that they create quite a stir for crazy quilting as well as showing the love and friendship that are stitched in each quilt.  Now I will move onto to new projects with my group, World Wide Crazy Quilters.  Thank you everyone for sharing yourself with this project


MosaicMagpie said...

How exciting that the quilts have arrived!

Marie Alton said...

You my dear are amazing!

I am so thrilled that this project has been so successful ... knowing now that the quilts arrived safely to Hideko and that they were so admired by the visitors to the show ... and that so many other opportunites were the result.

Your tireless efforts made this all a reality ... to think that $1500 on top of the quilts went to Hideko's cause is wonderful ... and that the show earned even more is so incredible!

This is why we all put our hearts into it and the satisfaction of knowing the end result ... was sooo totally worth it!

It's what was being aimed for ... and it's gratifying that it happened as planned ... because of you!

Your place in Heaven is surely reserved!

Biggest Hugs ... Marie