Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rose Annes "Faces" block

Things are getting completed and i'm feeling a litle more caught up! VBG! I am in two round robins. This one is a "Faces" rr. Rose Anne wante celestial influences on I gave her Old Man Wind and a stylized moon/sun faces...and a teensy little face bead at the bottom. The block came out kind kewl and I hope RA enjoys it!


qwerty said...

I saw this block on Rose Anne's blog, and WOW - what incredible stitching on Old Man Wind! What a creative idea :)

NickiLee said...

Fabulous Fabulous Old Man Wind! I love how he gives the block movement!

Linda B said...

Your work is beautiful as always and what a lot of work went into this little masterpiece/


Linda B said...

Love your work Leslie.

pam said...

lovely block Leslie,
It has caught the theme so perfectely too.
Lke everyone I love the Old man wind ''stunning'
The face is a winner too...expect you made that too...knowing how multi talented you are,
Hugs Pam