Sunday, June 21, 2009

CQI Purse Contest

I'm wayyyyyy late blogging about this purse. Im still trying to get myself caught up I guess after the Making Memories quilts. Anywhoo, I made a purse for the CQI (Crazy Quilting International). I'm happy to at least have finished it as its been over two years in the making! LOL! This was also a lesson in UFO's and the "brilliant" ideas that we may have had at conception. If ya don't write it down..... wellllllllllllllllllllllll, ya probably et the idea! LOL! So, as I didn't remember the "where" I was going, I added a Josephine Wall silky and then embroidered and beaded a couple of trees, etc. If you click on this pic, it ought to take you to my Flickr album which will let you see the other side, etc. As I said.....i'm a winner cuz I finished the project! (Wink) I didn't win or place in the contest...which is just fine! I STILL finished a project! VBG! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

i love your purse Leslie it turned out so nicely. when I showed them all to my hubby he actually picked your he loved the rustic wood handles. Plus you make the most amazing tree's. I think your variety of trees is outstanding and such gorgeous eye candy. it was a pleasure to see your gorgeous purse!!

Gerry said...

You did a great job with your purse, Leslie. I really like the handles.

morvoren said...

That is a winner in my book:O)

Stunning bag/purse Leslie and I absolutely adore it!!!
It is so full of nature and her beauty....and of course of your spirit too...Love love it.
Hugs Pam

Linda said...

Leslie, what a beautiful purse and I love the work that you did with the trees it sets off the blocks and brings us all back to our ' roots . I can see why it is such an eyecatcher.