Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Memories Quilts

mmbouquet 2
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I received the MOST wonderful news and am finally sitting down to share here!! All three of the quilts that I put together from blocks received by fabulous CQI and RMCQ members, are going to be judged and exhibited in the Houston Quilt Festival! I am sooooo pleased that we're making a BIG splash in showing what can be done with crazy quilting! VBG!

Then, I received a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers from a dear friend, Cathy Kizerian to celebrate our success! I HAVE to share them with all of you! They are JUST ...GOAJUS!!! They are sent to commemorate the color of the quilts and breast cancer! AND... they smelll wonderful! Thank you thank you, Cat! I finally have cleared some of the tears of happiness from my eyes enough to post!! To EVERYONE who participated in this project.... YOU ROCK!!! Great job!!! to sniff the flowers again! (wink) VBG!


Anonymous said...

Quite an accomplishment my friend!!! Very, very nice of Cathy to send flowers..She is such a sweetheart too!!! You will NEVER run out of friends Leslie!! luv ya, Debbie (Maine)

Dianne said...

Wow and super-congrats Leslie! You always do beautiful work, so I'm not surprised that you and the block-making ladies received such an honor. Amazing work for an amazing cause! Hugs, Di (TN)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Atta girl, Cathy!
You are such a sweetie, Leslie - you deserve flowers and so much more! I know what an incredible amount of work it took on your part to put these blocks together into the three works of art you have created. Now on to Houston!! lol

Gerry said...

You should be very proud of the work you (and others) put into these blocks, and especially for the finished quilts. They are beyond lovely!

And what an HONOR to have them touring. How wonderful that they will be admired by so many.

So....what's your next project?

Candi said...

I'm sure they're just beautiful! You work so hard and do such wonderful work.

Linda said...

Leslie, my special angel, if anyone deserves life's largest boquet, you most certainly do, you are one special lady.

Sharon said...

Yeah, congratulations girl!!!!! You deserve to be recognized, you and all the members that worked on this. You did a wonderful job putting them together and to be recognized for the efforts is just awesome.....The flowers are awesome that was very special of Cat to do...