Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Retreat Teaser Piccies

We are all just settling back in from a busy week! We had our very first CQI retreat and it was GREAT! Here from left to right is Gerry K, Debbie Q, Cathy K, ME and Janet P! Lauri and Gerry H had to head home early! (VERY SAD FACE here). If you click on this pic it will take you to my flickr account where the beginning pics are located. We are all in the process of consolidating our phots and will soon inundate the CQI blog with tales of our adventures and fun! It is sooooo very quiet here now I don't know quite what to do with myself! LOL!!!


Sharkeysday said...

WAVING TO THE LADIES! It was SO SO fun! Now I need links to everyone's blogs!

Oh, and I posted the DAM Crazy Pictures, so I need your descriptions! When you have nothing better to do - ha, ha, ha!!!!

Candi said...

Oh you guys must have had a ball!! You all look so happy in the pic!