Wednesday, January 16, 2008

forest within

forest within
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I'm sure many of you remember when I first posted this last year. It's been languishing on the design table for a bit....waiting for me to sit still long enough to work on it. Surgeries are over...its a New Year...what better time?? Sooo...I have finally gotten some blocks pulled together (more to come) to go with it! This piece is reallllly speaking to me so i'm hoping I can hold onto that energy and get it further along! I initially had thought that I could do tone on tone blocks surrounding this, but they just were flat a bit of revision and this is where i'm traveling with them now. I still need more color variation I think but I need a LOT more blocks too so i'm hopefully on the right track now!

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Susan said...

What interesting blocks these are - it's taking on the look of a forest the way you laid it out.