Tuesday, June 12, 2007

chocolate quilt

chocolate quilt
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I posted a month or so ago about having to help one of my "buddies" over rainbow bridge. My heart has been so sad and there are soooo many ways that I have been seeing that he was such a part of our lives and now there is large void. I HAD to do something for his memory. He was such a special boy!! So, I decided to make a small wall hanging with pics that we had over the years. My....THAT was hard. Now, i've decided that I ought to probably add ALL of his friends that have been with him over the years and will probably have to "grow" this block. That's ok. He's worth it. This project of scanning the pics and sewing them down...and now embellishing the paches has soothed me and helped me heal a bit. More on this project as it moves along.

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Beadin' Gram said...

This is wonderful, Leslie --- a lovely memorial for a very special friend.