Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tradewinds DYB Block - Jo

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
I am involved in a couple of DYB rr's. I believe I have posted the pics I have sent out and this is the first block i've done for this rr. I played with stitch variations for the seam work, i'm finding I truly enjoy handwork and that it has a meditative effect on me. If I don't get a little time everyday to stitch i'm lost! :) The combo's you'll see here are the buttonhole stitch with a lazy daisy popped onto the top of every other stitch. The a little french knot in between for contrast. Above that is a wide herringbone stitch that has been done twice, with little fly stitch flowers on top. To the left is a cretan, chevron combo with a fly stitch and straight stitch on it. The there is the herringbone with a fly/lazy daisy combo above that and then to the right is the feather stitch with french knots and lazy daisies. I stamped the butterflies on the patch then embroidered them. All the other embroidery, I free handed the pattern first. I did a feather to represent flight, a "dove" created with a padded beaded body and french knot wings. The pansies are just a rather favorite flower for me and touch of me to to the block. I added a beaded wind goddess to finish the block off along with some crystal beads on the feather. The little button is from my grandmothers button box's a nice vintage touch to the block, I thought!


LouAnne said...

Leslie: This must be a RR concept I've never done before. You don't make just one block to pass around the RR group? What does DYB stand for? And you do a whole block? Clue me in, ok? I simply LOVE the block you embellished and have showed today. Your stitching is awesome and I love the Goddess. Is she a button? If not, how is she attached? I am truly humbled!

Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, this block is wonderful. I am amazed at the intricate stitches. I really like the buttonhole combination stitch and the goddess with the beaded hair.

Jo in NZ said...

I really enjoy looking at 'my' lovely block you have done Leslie. Thankyou.

I really like your Windsong blocks too.
How much more work is involved in doing curves in blocks? Are they machined or appliqued?

Sharon said...

Leslie, this is STUNNING!!!!