Thursday, October 05, 2006

Painted buttons

Originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Goodness time flies!!! I've been busy with stuff and forget to keep up with my blog!'re in for it now!

In one of the online cq groups I belong to, a class for painting buttons is taking place. This is a sampling of my beginning adventures! I think my favorite isthe black button, but some finishing touches still have to be done on the top coat (minor detail) giggle! Plus I need to add more definition to the flowers for depth. But....for a first shot at doing something like this i'm pretty happy with the results. These are mostly roses, but I tried out some poinsettias and what I had hope would be some pansies but turned into more of a clematis! LOL!!! Then....of course....I had to do a tree! I will definitely have to do more of them in different styles! This is certainly a techinique worth trying!


Anonymous said...

And what group is that so I can join and glean? =)

Carolyn in KY said...

Leslie, your buttons are beautiful. This would be the way to add that touch that you feel is missing in many situations. Good to hear from you.

LouAnne said...

yes, what group is that! Are you using the paints (Pebeo?)that you have to cure in the oven? That's what I use on my face buttons which are mop, but at least one of your buttons looks like it might be a 50's plastic. I have so many of those, it would be fun to paint them. So,can you share what paint you are using?

AliKat (WOTFGM's) said...

The buttons are really pretty great work.

Oh yeah I miss you ((HUGS)) drop me a line