Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wool CQ1

Wool CQ1
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I'm off on a new adventure! I'm going to make a wool cq for hubby for xmas! Think i'll get it done? LOL!!! Here is the first block. I've already learned quite a bit and have decided how i'm going to continue with the rest of the blocks. I've been told that it's best to butt the edges together and do a three sided zig zag stitch in invisible thread to secure them to the foundation. Well....since this quilt is going to be utilitarian and i've already seen some areas for potential pulling just through basting, i've decided that I will overlap the pieces and still secure them with the zig zag stitch. The wool isn't particularly think and the seams won't be any thicker than a cq seam so i'm not worried. In fact, I feel better about it's longevity this way. I'll post pics as I progress!

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LouAnne said...

Leslie: That "butting the seams" only works if your wool is really thick and maybe too if it's been fulled or at least laundered & dried so that it doesn't fray. I love the colors you have in wool - great variety. I love, Love, LOVE stitching on wool. The SRE just stands up so nice on it. But I don't imagine you'll be doing much of that on a gift for a man, right?