Wednesday, September 07, 2005


originally uploaded by Pinyon Creek Stitchin'.
Soooooo many choices and possibilities and soooooooooo little time!!! I entered a pincushion swap and have started about three total pincushions....finally decided at least ONE needed to be completed all the way thru....and this is it. I made individual leaves with some pretty cotton batik fabric I have. The center is more of a purpley hue while the outside leaves are lighter. I also cut a circle out of the darker color, stitched a running stitch around the outer perimeter, gathered it and stuffed it. I then placed it on the little wood pedestal I had made and glued it on along with sort of tying it in place. Then to the petals themselves...I had stitched them with a layer of peltex to give them some texture and then added some machine embroidery on the outside edges with some variegated rayon thread. The method of attaching the petals was cumbersome and I really need to figure out a better way if I make another. I used a combo of glue and stitching to hold them in place then put some lace and ribbon over the lower edges to disguise it. THEN.....I added a little brazilian bumble bee to add a finishing touch. I think this idea would be cute maybe with a cq'ed flower or a pansy or.....the possibilities are actually endless. I have another on the brink of being complete so i'll be posting that pic within a day or two. It's a completely different one and was rather fun to do. I have to laugh at myself, as thru this whole process I find that I just "wing" my way thru instead of using tried and true methods. This has been good in a TON of ways for me as it's allowing me to get back in the swing of thinking and being more creative. The down side is it can be REALLLLLY frustrating if something doesn't work out quite the way I first envisioned it. In the end tho, everything seems to miraculously come together! :_) Enjoy the little pic! I sure hope its future owner will enjoy it!

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